Rev. Kathy Price is a native of South Carolina. Born into a military family she spent early formative years in diverse cultures as her father, a U. S. Navy Master Chief, moved from duty station to duty station in our global community.  This exposure to a diverse and multi-cultural world set the stage for her life and ministry of embracing diversity and passion for racial healing.

Rev. Price has been in ministry for ten years and has served as a cross-racial pastor in the Meridian District.  She currently serves Alta Woods United Methodist church in South Jackson; a multi-cultural congregation with a very strong emphasis on mission and outreach.

Rev. Price also serves as the chairperson of the Commission on Religion and Race for the Mississippi Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and has a deep abiding conviction that the Christian calling as we engage in the world always includes relationships of equity, respect and equality for all and that the love of Christ is greater than even the strongest person of faith.  As we fully lean on and press into Jesus Christ as the center we find that God is bigger than our hearts and will always do far above that which we can dream, think, ask, or attempt. Knowing this frees us to dream the impossible and watch as God does God’s best work through the Body of Christ, the church.  


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