• Pastor Kathy Price

While it's fresh on my mind...

Well, it has been a minute since I last posted a blog, and it is my hope that blogging isn’t an archaic way of communications that has gone the way of so many social media tools when they are no longer trendy.  So, with that thought in mind here is to another day of expression as I attempt to reconnect with the desire to share hopeful anticipation with you through intentional ramblings (that may be an oxymoron, but I will leave it as it stands).

A lot has changed since I last posted a blog, and with those changes has emerged a new spiritual optimism for all that can be accomplished when people make a decision to work together as a team.  If experience has taught me anything it has taught me that I can only do so much on my own and the bigger picture of God’s Kingdom will definitely suffer if I refuse to look for divine connections with people God has gifted to plug in where I am lacking. In other words, I can only go so far and even if I am successful in my endeavors that success is very limited in reality.  The greater picture of success and rich fulfillment comes when I allow the Holy Spirit to link gifts and graces given to me with other gifts and graces scattered strategically throughout the Body of Christ. Together we can accomplish so much more than I can ever accomplish on my own!

There has been no greater proof of this truth than in the area of meeting the basic needs of our marginalized populations.  Boy we pastors and ministry administrators be territorial! Wow!  It seems that when someone comes up with an idea that looks like it may impinge on the “who” or “what” a group is doing the defensive walls come up, the holding one another at an arm’s length is employed as a protective measure, and everyone suffers especially the people we claim we are trying to “serve”.  I know! I have been guilty of doing this same thing. The strange thing is how aggravated I get with others for doing what I am guilty of doing myself…but that is the way of humans is it not…

But, don’t you just love the way The Holy Spirit works? Just about the time I/you finish your internal rant about how “they” have the wrong approach in place HE, you know, THE giver of all good things, the sustainer of life, the source and ground for all our hope; will step in an remind us that… “My child, my lofty minded child you  are not the only one I need and want to work through to accomplish this great task to which you have indeed been called!  “Have you considered, my wise one that perhaps this one has been sent into your pathway because I know what you really see, and really desire because I AM the ONE who planted that seed of desire in you a long time ago? I know what your heart really longs for and if you will allow me to weave together this Divine pattern of partnership in POWER from the fountain head of all true POWER I can accomplish more through both of you than you could ever dream! Have you considered that? Don’t give the enemy an inch of the ground in this community by putting up a self constructed wall to keep someone else out because you think you can do this on your own! Allow me to flow through both of you, laborers in MY harvest that many may come to know MY GRACE…” the sarcasm is intentional, while I am not sure the Holy Spirit speaks to you that way, He most certainly does tap me on the shoulder in an “Ah hum” moment when I need reminding.

In a flash I realize how terribly selfish I have been and understand that God loves me so much that He will not leave me to my own devices, and He wants me to succeed in HIS plan and purpose. Notice I said HIS plan and purposes…my plans and purposes are way too small, just like my dreams are way too small in comparison with what God wants to do in the earth! And I might add they can be way too self centered and self aggrandizing…just plain pride gets in the way a pure heart!  But, again, God’s Amazing GRACE wraps around and winds its way through my soul to return me to the center of life grounded in Him.

So, if today, you are dreaming about what God wants for your life; don’t be afraid to dream big, and certainly don’t be afraid to let someone walk beside you in partnership as you set your hands to the plow!!! Partnership begins with the working of the Holy Spirit! The sky is the limit when we really embrace “THE POWER OF WE”!! The needs will never be exhausted and there are an awful lot of people who are waiting to hear the message brought through the unique story of your life… Blessings, GRACE, and Peace…Go Now! Live loudly and Love Largely!


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