• Pastor Kathy Price

Week in Review

So, how’d that week end up? Did you find an adventure, grab the possibilities, seize the great potential? It’s Saturday and the day still has hours of Grace filled hope just waiting for all of us to take the risk, and live radically!!

My first week of blogging has not rocked the world so far as I can tell, but it has done me a world of good to write the words in faith, hoping that one life might be impacted by its words.  Tomorrow I have the distinct and wonderful privilege of preaching God’s Word about THE WORD, whose name is Jesus, and the prayer of my heart is that my words about God’s Word will assist someone to take a step toward the rich fulfilling life of faith, radical, and lived largely, abundantly…the desire and plan of God for us all.

Next week’s blog will contain some stories from my own life’s journey, and how God’s GRACE has been nothing short of amazing. The sky is the limit…Potential yet untapped…so what is keeping you from the greatness to which you are called?! Go out and live today fully aware that the LOVE of God is empowering you through Jesus Christ, by the Holy Spirit!!

Live Largely!! Love Radically!!! the day is still young…so get up and go do something in faith, for someone else…it will do your heart and soul GOOD!!!

Pastor K.


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