• Pastor Kathy Price

Hump Day, what's that all about...

Today is Wednesday and we are two days closer to Friday than when I wrote my post on Monday morning. So, how is the week going? Have you found ways to practice what your pastor preached on Sunday? Have you found this week filled with fresh opportunities?

No earth shaking events, huh? Well do not despair, there is still time, the week is not gone yet. It seems that we often look for some amazing event to land in front of us or some opportunity to materialize that looks amazing when in reality the greatest opportunities are in the ordinary spaces of everyday life.

I once read a story about a man who went looking for a way to be a blessing to someone, and he decided to go to the local market. Now that is a real opportunity waiting to happen, right? Well, this man created an event: He went to the floral department and purchased a bouquet of flowers, he went and stood outside the door, and he waited. He waited for the Holy Spirit to nudge him and then he gave the bouquet of flowers to someone with a simple message that God loves you and cares for you and a prayer for a blessed day. His simple gesture was a wonderful expression of incarnational love to a total stranger.

You see, sometimes the simple elegance of an ordinary gesture can be the turning moment in the life of the recipient. So, don’t wait for the extraordinary to appear, go and create the extraordinary yourself. The week still has several days left and then Sunday comes and we have the wonderful privilege of beginning a week all over again. Blessings on your opportunities…Live Largely…Love Radically!


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