• Pastor Kathy Price

First lap around the track


I have been threatening to set up a blog for a good while, and here is my first attempt.  I would probably ask myself why blog at all? Why does a baby boomer fiftyish preacher lady need to blog in the first place? To that dubious question I answer, because perhaps, in my ramblings I will be able to reach someone that reads a post.

At my age it would seem that sticking to the norm or just not doing anything new would be the safe thing to do. Since when do I ever stick to  what is safe? For me to do that would ultimately go against everything that is in my nature.  I want to do something new and a little different, maybe even a little daring.

After all didn’t Christ admonish us to go out into all the world in order that we may make disciples and therefore transform the world?  Blogging, text,instant messaging are all part of this new world that is wide open to input and quite frankly I can’t think of any input more valuable than telling people that God is on their side, that He loves them, and that He wants to touch their lives.

So, I launch out into this new day, into this new endeavor with hope filled and reserved excitement about an opportunity to share with the cyber world about an amazing love, and the reason for my passion.

Hey, if God can take an addicted, broken woman, turn her mess around into a message like He did for me, then…well…the sky is the limit…SO…first lap around the track. I will be back tomorrow or the next day to add to my ramblings with the hope that someone may find them a blessing and be drawn into a relationship with Christ.


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